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Must Watch! Abandoned School Crazy Find! Part 1 URBEX

Exploring Ghost Town Found Amazing School Everything Left Behind, full of stuff. Once listed on National Register of Historic Places. It now sits as a Haunted Ghost of the past. We explored this abandoned city with hopes of finding, strange, beautiful decaying scenes. We found footage to share with you! Sit back and watch as we navigate danger!

Abandoned Cathedral Gary In.

Exploring Abandoned Places

Why Do I Explore

Since I was a child I was always fascinated by grafitte, broken windows, peeling paint and rust. I'd pass abandoned places in the Crumbling North Side of Saint Louis and my imagination was captivated. I wanted to start Exploring Abandoned Places Part of the Mystery was wondering what secrets these Creepy, Scary abandoned homes, churches, businesses held within their walls. As I child I explored several abandoned farm houses, obviously safer settings than the Inner City. I absolutely was ecstatic about these experiences. One night I sat up late watching Youtube. I stumbled across Dan Bell and The Proper People. I really thought the documentation they were recording was important. I also thought the entertainment provided was invaluable. Occasionally they would stumble across something shocking and strange, or have an terrifying encounter. I became further intrigued by the beautiful architecture and the nightmarish scenerary. I wanted to become an Urban Explorer. Other explorers would have possible paranormal experiences, or capture EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). It occured to me that this blighted crumbling city I have lived near all my life was a gold mine of potentional adventure and needed to be documented as quickly as possible. There were tons of Abandoned places near me! The rest is history and you can watch all our urbex adventures on Youtube.

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We are here to entertain, document and Educate. Some of our videos are shocking, contain possible paranormal content, show decay beyond belief. And some provide detailed historic information, documenting historic buildings that will soon be lost in time. You can support us by watching, liking our videos, subscribing to our channel and commenting. We do have some viewers who choose to step up and go the extra mile and support our project via patreon. It is a website that allows patrons to make small monthly donations to our project.