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Your support and contributions will help us continue to film and document more exciting locations before they are lost forever! Everything little bit of revenue we get goes immediatley and directly back into creating and filming more videos! More Abandoned Places and Urbex Adventures!

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Urbex, Preserve History!

How Urbex Preserves History!

While it's true that we entertain people on Youtube with our adventures exploring abandoned places, some creepy!

We also preserve history by filming and photographing architecture that is decaying, crumbling and being razed at an alarming rate. Our videos will serve as a high definition record of what once existed! I think back to all the interesting buildings that used to stand in the Saint Louis area alone and wish they would have been preserved in this way before they were lost forever! We do more than just show the street view. We also take risk and show the inside and interesting architectural details and artifacts that were left when the building was in use.