Abandoned Places To Explore Near Me

Exploring Abandoned USA! One Broken Dream at a Time!

How to find abandoned places to explore near me?

Finding Your Own Adventures!

Location, Location, Location!

Finding abandoned houses near me? The first, simplest and most time consuming way to find your own abandoned places to explore is to look! What do you mean look? I mean I have spent tons of hours driving around looking for places that look like they might be abandoned. When I find one I take a closer look. Look for broken windows, graffiti, or other signs that the property is unkempt. The most important factor to how successful you will be is LOCATION. I live very close to Saint Louis, Missouri. It is an old Urban Center that has went through a major population decline! It is full of unused properties. What is the closest poor area too you? Do you live near a city or town that has went through decline. If you can't drive to a large city. Think small towns! I have found many cool abandoned homes and buildings in small towns that may have had a population of several thousand and now are down too a population of 500. This in effect means that potentially 1/4 of the origional buildings are unused. Of course some may be used as storage and some have caught fire and have been torn down. But, there are sure to be a few abandoned places left. You may also go looking for abandoned farm houses. I once found out about an area in a county near mine that had a lot of abandoned farm houses and barns. I stopped in a diner to eat and asked a young woman working there ( maybe early 30's) where I would find abandoned places nearby. She gave me the name of a road that turned out to be a jackpot. There were ton's of abandoned places around that area. Other times, searching rural areas may take a lot of gas and be very time consuming as places have quiet a distance between them. I also recommend searching rural areas in the fall and winter. This is because tall crop fields and dense foliage and weeds growing tall can make it very hard to see anything until you come right up on it. Your on your way to answering the question "How do I find abandoned places to explore near me?" Read on!

Using the internet to find abandoned places.

I have had some success finding abandoned places to explore on the internet. I search for news stories in Saint Louis about properties being abandoned. Sometimes there may be stories about an old motel having a fire, for instance. I will go by and check the place out after awhile and find it unattended and open. You may also search for sites in your area about architectural history, decay photography, or dedicated to saving buildings. Saint Louis has multiple sites documenting old and historic factories, schools and buildings. They even sometimes tell you which ones are abandoned and which ones are in use. Generally if they don't give you the address, you can google it and find it. I then recommend checking on google earth or street view to see if the building is still standing. Keep in mind some of the satellite images are also outdated. However, you may also use this technique to find possible parking and sometimes even possible entry points. Which leads into my next section.      

How to get into Abandoned Places.

A lot of people want to know how to get into abandoned buildings, homes, schools and any other structure you can think of. My first and simplest answer is , any way you can. However, you should never, ever, ever, ever force entry. A door has to be unlocked, a window has to be broken out. A door or plywood covering entry has to already be off. If not, you are risking the possibility of being charged with breaking and entering. Really you just have to grow some balls and look around your prospect for potentional openings. Check the doors to see if they open right up. Sometimes a place will look like there is no entry. Until, you get around back. Many times doors and windows, on the side or back of a building with less of a busy street view will be the ones that you find open. This is for two reasons, one the person who broke open the door didn't want to be seen or heard. Secondly people exploring or doing whatever they are doing don't want to be seen coming and going. In rare instances you may even be able to get permission. But, good luck with that unless you personally know someone. Or, you are a bigshot of some sort. In that case you wouldn't be reading this would you?

Swapping info to find Abandoned Places to Explore

Once you have found and photographed abandoned places, you may be able to network with other explorers and photographers to find out about more places. People who explore and photograph abandoned places aren't willing to do all the work for you and just give you locations. Once you have made yourself appear legit by finding and exploring places on your own. You can definitely take advantage of this tool. Search and find facebook groups in your area or state that cover, abandoned, decay, urbex. Use the keywords you should find some groups. I was able to use this method to start finding other people who explore and find locations. I started trading with them. This means that each person I trade with and myself are doubling our results from the same effort!  You may also type in your state or city on instagram or any other social media site, along with the keywords, abandoned, urban exploration, urbex, decay, rurex.