Must Watch! Abandoned School Crazy Find! Part 1 URBEX

Exploring Ghost Town Found Amazing School Everything Left Behind, full of stuff. Once listed on National Register of Historic Places. It now sits as a Haunted Ghost of the past. We explored this abandoned city with hopes of finding, strange, beautiful decaying scenes. We found footage to share with you! Sit back and watch as we navigate danger!

Real Nightmare! Abandoned School Everything Left Behind!

Real Nightmare! Creepy Stories Exploring Abandoned School, Everything Left Behind, Urban Exploring Ghost Town near Chicago. Gary Indiana Full of Abandoned Stuff! We walkthough abandoned places most won't enter! This is truly an abandoned city. With some of the most Scary Places under our belt! Subscribe and come back often so you don't miss an adventure! This is one of my top 10 favorite urbex finds. Located in Gary, Indiana near Chicago, Illinois. 

Abandoned North STL Wherehouse

Awesome example of Abandoned Commercial Building in Old North Saint Louis. This part of our city now looks like a ghost town. It is quickly being torn down. There are two parts to this video. I believe it was an old moving and storage company. However, there is some speculation that it may have had something to do with the auto industry, or car sales at one point in time. Come explore with us!

Gone Wrong House Occupied

Urbex Gone Wrong Entered Abandoned House Occupied By Homeless Crazy Find. Click Here To Watch On YOUTUBE! Exploring Abandoned Places

Live! Exploring Abandoned

This is a live video we streamed while exploring the giant round tower sitting on the North Side of Saint Louis. This tower once was home to hundreds of tennants that called it home. It also had businesses on the lower level and a restaruant on top. We found more weird sexual items than any other place we've explored. CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE!